I did Beyonce's INSANE Coachella starvation diet and lost 4lbs in 3 DAYS

Published by : Keltie O'Connor
In Beyonce's new documentary, homecoming, she talks about the diet she went on for her coachella 2018 performance. Beyonce's insane vegan, no carb, no sugar, no fish, no meat, no dairy, diet! On top of which Beyonce workout included soul cycle, dance routine's, running stairs, and much much more. You won't believe how many calories Beyonce wanted to burn a day! You guys have been requesting this challenge for a long time. I show what Beyonce eats, how she workouts, and my usual shenanigans. So sit back and enjoy as I tackle Beyonce's Coachella diet and workout.

LInk to the youtube video I followed for Beyonce's Single ladies dance tutorial:

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