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Preparing food in a slow cooker has a lot of benefits, for example, you save a lot of time. All you need is to place all the ingredients and wait. Moreover, you don’t spend a lot of time on cleanup. A wide variety of foods can be cooked in a slow cooker, including soups, hot dogs and even various desserts. A slow cooker is the best choice for those people who want to eat healthier food. Meals from a slow cooker contain fewer calories and maintain nutrients and dangerous chemicals are not produced. Watch this video and you will find a collection of recipes that will speed up your cooking routine after a very busy day.

Let’s start from the recipe of slow cooker stuffed potatoes. Firstly, take an aluminum foil and wrap potatoes in it. Place potatoes in the slow cooker and bake in it. While potatoes are preparing, prepare any toppings you like. One more recipe that you will totally love is meatballs with cheese inside. In a bowl, mix ground beef, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, and parsley. Make a ball and add a square of cheese in the center. Place meatballs into the slow cooker and cover with tomato sauce.
You will totally love the idea of a homemade mulled wine in a slow cooker. Follow these easy steps: combine wine, sugar, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange slices in a slow cooker. Heat for 15 minutes.
In addition, you will find desserts made from coffee: coffee jellies, coffee ice cream, iced latte and more. Don’t miss super delicious breakfast recipes - Nutella pancakes and marshmallow sandwich!

01:06 Nutella pancakes
03:03 Slow cooker recipes
04:39 Stuffed potatoes
06:35 Delicious slow cooker meatballs
11:21 Marshmallow sandwich

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